Sunday, June 6, 2010

When the last snow lingered on Mt. Ashland, we awaited the end of winter and the beginning of all things good…baseball season! Faster than a speeding bullet, as American as apple pie, before baseball's about money, booze, sex, and steroids, the ‘boys of summer’ thrill to the crack of a bat, a grand slam over the left field fence, a slide into home plate.
     Soon we heard the two words that quicken the heart: “Play Ball!!” And our boys took to their field of dreams and played for the love of the game.    
     And play they did – a 16-0 season of spectacular baseball! The thrill of victory…and great fun for the fans :-) 
Through weeks of championship play against big boys from big schools in big towns, AHS Varsity boys brought it all…until the end. So yesterday’s singular playoff loss was a sad ending to a joyous season. We didn’t bring our game. We took some tough calls. The baseball gods weren't smiling. And we took second.
     Still it was a season of brilliant play, amazing moments, friendships to last a lifetime. Grizzlies – each and every one of you make us proud!    
     Aloha oe, Tutu